The Okayo AT-100 is lightweight, durable and simple to operate both for tourists and for the administrator. It may be used with headphones (it has 2 headphone jacks) or without (it has a built-in speaker). The convex buttons facilitate use by the visually impaired. The device also has a low battery indicator (2xAA, also takes alkaline batteries). The AT-100 can be hung around the neck with a strap or held to the ear like a telephone when used without headphones.

The Okayo AT-100 is a device using the audio guide system with manual selection of recordings. This means that visitors can decide for themselves if they want to play a given recording. The choice is based either on the numbers placed besides the exhibitions or according to the numbers on the sightseeing plan – by selecting the recording number on the keypad.

Administrator software for managing multilingual (recordings) is available free of charge when you purchase the set.

We offer the AT-100 together with 1 of 3 types of chargers to choose from:

ATC-110 – charger for ten AT-100 sets
ATC-110U – charger for ten AT-100 sets with USB connection to a computer – allows serial programming of AT-100
ATC-150 – charger for fifty AT-100 sets with the possibility of wall mounting

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Audio Guide

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10 slots audio guide charger

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10-slot charger and updater

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50-slot charger

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50-slot Audio Guide Storage Case

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